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Let the words “natural” and “unnatural” act as warning bells, so that whenever you hear the words used you know that a bad argument is soon following.

The use of “natural” and “unnatural” as an argument is called Appeal to Nature. The blog The Logical Place explains it well. Whenever I try to explain this, I struggle to come up with good examples. Could you please help me with examples where something natural is bad, or something unnatural is good?


19 thoughts on “Try this, it’s natural!”

  1. “100% Natural Juice. No Sugar added.”
    It’s not always true..Almost everytime it is written on the package, it shows on the nutrition bar that it’s not true because you can see how much sugar they have used in the juice..

  2. Natural and unnatural are words we use for what we think is common in today’s society. If u say something is unnatural you are probebly referring that it is an uncommon thing in humanity. And if it is natural it is something that the majority of people are doing. Using those words can create misunderstandings that are unnecessary, it is telling you that unnatural is bad. In my point of view doing something “unnaturual” could be a good thing, it might mean you aren’t following what others say you should.

  3. Every “healthy” thing can be unhealthy too. Like water is “natural” and “healthy” but too much of it can be dangerous and even life threatening.

  4. For example can Poisonus food that is natural but can kill us if we eat that. Natural water can make people sick and in worstcase die. Natural subjects is not always best.

    For example the military use unnatural subjects that can search for mindes and save lifes, so unnatural can be good. Another example is bags who are often unnatural but help us carry a lot of things.

  5. A lot of people say and think that everything that is natural is good. What they think is not exactly true though, it’s just something they want to believe. For example mushrooms can be toxic and bad for you, drugs is also often natural like cannabis but it’s really not good for you. Natural can be as bad and good as unnatural things but they choose to trust something that sounds better (if that makes sense). Something that is unnatural but is still good for our bodies is B12 supplements.

  6. Things like “surfing on internet” is natural to us because we think that we aren’t using the internet this much. Burt in reality it can be unnatural too because too much internet causes addiction.

  7. Alcohol are made from potatoes, potatoes are natural. But we have all seen the bad effects caused by alcohol. Yes it’s natural but no, it doesn’t make it a valid argument to consume it. Too much of anything could be bad, natural or not. And also speaking of unnatural things, surgery isn’t natural. It’s something that we humans made up but it’s a great help for our sick ones.

  8. Medical equipment is unnatural but it is still good and helps a lot of people.
    The impulses we get sometimes makes us want to hit a person is natural but it is not good to hit anyone.

  9. Medical treatments is unnatural but they aren’t bad, some people need it to survive.
    Impulses are natural but some of them aren’t good for example: you get an impulse to throw milk in someones face but they haven’t done anything.
    Some drugs are natural but they are not good, except the ones used in medication.

  10. Not every natural thing is good for you. For example, many people says that taking drugs that are considered natural (drugs that you can find in nature, like a mushroom) aren’t as bad for you like synthetics drugs are. Natural or unnatural, they still aren’t good for you.

  11. Imagine you are sick and eg have chickenpox you will need a vaccine. Even though vaccine is unnatural it helps you to recover.

  12. Diseases are natural but they are not good for you, berries that are toxic are natural but we can get sick or die if we eat them.
    Medicines can be unnatural but it may save you life. Glasses are unnatural but still good cause some people need them too see better.

  13. Having your period as a girl is natural and is not necessarily bad but it’s not something that you enjoy having.
    Piercings are unnatural but at the same time good because they look really nice (well most of them).

  14. Cancer is natural, but it’s not good. Cancer treatment is unnatural, but if it cures the cancer patient, it’s great 👍🏽

  15. Disorders are natural, but not always good.
    A lot of medicine is unnatural, but it is good for you when you use it correctly.

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