Correlation ≠ causation
Global warming did not cause the decline in the number of pirates, nor did fewer pirates cause global warming. This is a good example of how correlation does not equal causation. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Most definitions of ‘correlation’ and ‘causation’ I have found are very difficult or technical. How would you define the terms in a way that is understandable? Perhaps with a clarifying example?


5 thoughts on “Correlation ≠ causation”

  1. My definition of correlation and causation is that:

    Correlation: A and B happen at the same time

    Causation: A causes B to happen.

  2. Causation is when x causes y or the other way around. They affect/cause each other.
    Correlation is when some things happened to be happening at the same time.

  3. Corelation is when two thing happen to be alike such as someone getting in an acsedent on Friday the 13 and causation is Wien those things have a conection such as someone getting in to an acsedent for a reason

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