Correlation ≠ causation
Global warming did not cause the decline in the number of pirates, nor did fewer pirates cause global warming. This is a good example of how correlation does not equal causation. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Most definitions of ‘correlation’ and ‘causation’ I have found are very difficult or technical. How would you define the terms in a way that is understandable? Perhaps with a clarifying example?


Try this, it’s natural!,_rattlesnakes_(sign).jpg

Let the words “natural” and “unnatural” act as warning bells, so that whenever you hear the words used you know that a bad argument is soon following.

The use of “natural” and “unnatural” as an argument is called Appeal to Nature. The blog The Logical Place explains it well. Whenever I try to explain this, I struggle to come up with good examples. Could you please help me with examples where something natural is bad, or something unnatural is good?