Reading Frankenstein: now you’re done!

When you have finished reading Frankenstein, go back to the beginning. Read a page or two from captain Walton’s letters. How do you experience the language now compared to when you started reading the book?


19 thoughts on “Reading Frankenstein: now you’re done!”

  1. I think the language is a bit easier for me now, but not as easy as I thought it would be. It’s still a struggle to read the book with all the difficult words, but it’s getting better at least.

  2. I felt that it was eaiser to read the first letter more fluently this time. The language is still difficult to understand but I noticed more details this time.

  3. It feels like I understand more of what Walton is wrighting in his letters and what he is trying to tell, but there is still words that is to hard for me to understand that makes the language and reding harder.

  4. Reading the book and then going back to read the first letters again was
    a really fun task. The language didn’t become that much easier though, there are still a lot of difficult words that I dont’t understand. However, it’s much easier now to read between the lines and understand the whole of it. The speed in my reading has also increased, which is very fun and surprising to see, since I still had a hard time reading the last pages of the book.

  5. It took some time to get into the language but now that I have done that I read much faster and finding the text and words easier.

  6. When I read the letters the first time I hardly understood anything, but this time when I read just some parts of it again, after reading the book I understood more. It felt like the language had changed, though it more was that i’ve got used to the language that is written.

    It was much easier to understand this time than before.

  7. The first time I read Walton’s letters i hardly understood them. Now I have become acquainted with the language and the big, romantic words and it felt much easier to read the letters.

  8. It was much easier to understand the language during the end of the book and when I read the first pages again. It was a lot easier then the first time reading it. My English has improved a lot while reading this book.

  9. I feel that the language now compared to before is a lot easier because you get used to it. Reading the first pages now was much easier than before.

  10. I find it to be a bit easier to understand now than it was the first time I read it, but I think it is still hard.

  11. When I first started reading the book I noticed that the language was quite different from anything else that I’ve read, of course due to the fact that it was written in 1818. I got used to it the more I read the book. So going back to the beginning again, I can say that it was a way smoother reading.

  12. The language is beautiful and I think the only real difference I noticed, is how the melody of it makes more sense. When I first started reading the book the grammatical structure were a bit confusing. Reading it again after finishing the book, the sentences weren’t as alien in their structure.

  13. I do find it easier to understand the language because I’ve gotten used to the more difficult words and the structure of the sentences. Though I still think the story of the letters is much more difficult to follow than the rest of the book.

  14. I thought that it was a bit easier to read the letters now, I think it was easier because now i know the language in the book better than the first time I read it.

  15. Reading the beginning didn’t feel alot easier, although I do follow the rhythm a little bit quicker than before. This might be because I have not yet finished the book or the fact that I am always very tired during this class in Monday afternoons.

  16. I tend to find the rytm of the text faster and therefor I have one less thing to think about and can concentrate more on the story, and what is happening. Also I have learned new words that makes understanding a lot easier.

  17. When I went back and read a couple of pages from Walton’s letters I noticed that I’ve made some improvements. It was a lot easier to get a flow with the reading since I’ve already faced the tougher words.

  18. Rereading the first letters was the same experience as beginning to read the second volume. It was such a relief when I noticed that the language was getting easier since my reading pace increased a great deal and made it much easier to keep reading.

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