Reading Frankenstein: Volume I

Sometimes what we expect to find in a novel clouds our judgment, so that we only see what we expect to see. This is true for most people who read Frankenstein for the first time.

After captain Walton’s four-letter introduction to the novel we know we are about to hear Victor Frankenstein’s story when we begin to read volume I. We don’t know exactly what to expect, but since we were kids we have had some preconceived notion of what is going to happen.

Science, lightning, electricity – and then the monster comes to life!

But the creation of the Monster (or Creature?) is only a small part of volume I. So what does volume I actually tell us? What events are the most important ones? Or perhaps the events aren’t the most important things, but something else is, such as a feeling, a setting, an object or something else.

Here’s a challenge! Summarize volume I in a Top 5 list in a comment below.


27 thoughts on “Reading Frankenstein: Volume I”

  1. 5 most important things (according to me)
    1. Victors mother dies, and therefor Victors obsession with life and death is awakened.
    2. The monster comes to life
    3. Victor finds out that his brother William has been murdered
    4. The monster disappeard earlier in volume 1, but when Victor is out looking for the murderer that killed his brother, he finds the monster again
    5. Victor realizes that the monster had killed his brother, but Victor doesn’t tell anyone about it.

  2. 1. Victor Frankenstein begin classes at the university of ingolstadt in Germany, he reads chemistry and different types of science.
    2. Before he leaves his mother dies of a sickness called scarlet fever.
    3. Victor gets very fascinated by the other science professors from the university and starts reading more about the human body and all the science around the human body.
    4. Victor and Elizabeth are engaged and about to get married
    5. Victor creates the monster. But It took a while before I understood the the actually made the monster.

  3. 1. Victor Frankenstein starts Reading natural philosophy at the university of Ingostadt.
    2. His mother dies of scarlet fever.
    3. On the university he starts to creating life.
    4. Victor and Elizabeth are engaged to be married.
    5. He creates a monster.

  4. 1. He moves to Ingolstadt to study on a collage there.
    2. He stars to read old experiments.
    3. Starts experimenting.
    4. He creates a monster.
    5. His sisterson died.

  5. 1. Victor got sick
    2. Victor woke up and saw the monster and the monster disappeared.
    3. The death of William and Victor’s mother.
    5. Justine is guilty for the murdeer if William.

  6. 1. Viktor starts reading Natural Philosophy at the University of Ingolstadt.
    2. Before he leaves to study, Elizabeth’s and his own mother passes away in scarlet fever. I think that gives him more will to proceed his studies at Ingolstadt.
    3. The death of William and accusion of Justine as the murderer.
    4. That night when Viktor wakes up in the middle of it, spotting the monster who then proceeds to run away.
    5. When Viktor gets sick.

  7. 1. Victor starts reading books Cornelius Agrippa and his fascination for natural science awakens.
    2. At Inglostadt Victor is introduced to natural philosophy and his professor M. Waldman introduces him to the laboratory, which Victor himself claims decides his future destiny.
    2. The monster is created and disappears.
    3. Victor’s brother William dies, which makes Victor return to his family.
    4. On the way to his home town he sees the creature, and understand he was the one who killed his brother.

  8. 1. His mother dies in fever
    2. Elizabeth and victor are engaged.
    3. The creation of the monster
    4. Victor goes up to the university where he creates life
    5. Frankensteins family and life

  9. 1. Victors mother dies
    2. Victor to a university
    3. He starts to create life
    4. He creates the monster
    5. The monster disappears

  10. 1. Viktor’s mother dies from scarlett fever and his fascination with life and death begins.
    2. He starts studying natrual science at the university in Ingolstadt and starts experimenting in the laboratory.
    3. Viktor creates the creature and regrets it immediatly when he is realises what he has done.
    4. He’s getting sick from all the anxiety of the life he has created and his good friend Henry Clerval comes to visit Viktor.
    5. Viktor gets better, with the tender care from Clerval, and decides to go home where he finds that his younger brother has been murdered.

  11. 1. Victors mother dies.
    2. Victor begins hus studier at the university of Ingolstadt.
    3. Victor creates the monster but it disappeares.
    4. Victor and Elizabeth get engaged.
    5. William dies and Justine is accused for being the murderer.

  12. The most important moments in volume 1:
    1. Victors passion for science awakens he starts reading a book
    2. When he starts to study Natural Philosophy at an University level
    3. When Victor starts experimenting with the art of creating lifecreating life
    4. When he wakes up in the middle of the night and discovers that the monster is trying to run away
    5. When his mother passes away in scarlet fever. I think that this particular event is the source of his motivation

  13. 1the death of victors mother.
    2 Victor start to read at the university of inglo stadt in Germany.
    3 victor creates a monster at the university.
    4 the monster kills victors brother.
    5 victor realise that the monster killed his brother.

  14. 1. Victor starts reading natural philosophy at the University of Ingostadt.
    2. Before that, his mother dies in scarlet fever
    3. When at the university, he becomes more fascinated by the science of the human body and the professors studying it
    4. He reads old experiments and starts experiments himself and later creates the creature
    5. His brother William gets murdered

  15. 1. The arrival of his friend Henry and the letters from his family saying his youngest brother died which makes him go back home to Geneva, where he discovers with certainty that the “monster” is the murderer.
    2. The discovery victor makes at the university in inglostadt, that the previous science he has studied is old and no longer relevant which makes him read new authors recommended by his professor.
    3. His intense facinasion and obsession with the human frame and death corrupting the body. Also his feeling that he should be worshipped like a god by the creature he has given life to.
    4. His mothers death.
    5. The creation of the monster which takes away all his earlier feelings of a God and creates a horror and disgust of his own creation.

  16. 1: victors mother dies of a fever called “scarlet fever”.
    2: one night victor wakes up and sees the monster.
    3: victor and Elizabeth gets engaged.
    4: victor becomes fascinated by other scientists work.
    5: victor creates a monster.

  17. 1. Viktor succeed in bringing the “monster” to life
    2. Viktor’s mother dies
    3. The “monster” ecapes
    4. Viktor’s brother is killed
    5. Viktor travels to the crimescene and finds the “monster”

  18. 1. When lightning strucks the tree thus interesting young victor in electricity.
    2. His mothers death.
    3. The professor telling him off for studying alchemy(pseudoscience).
    4. Victor’s reaction to his creation when it reaches out to him in the dark.
    5. Returning home after the death of his younger brother.

  19. 1. He gives life to the creature which later escapes.
    2. Victor’s mother dies, later he gets obsessed with life and death.
    3. Victor’s brother (William) is killed which leads him back to his family.
    4. Victor gets sick.
    5. Victor moves to Ingolstadt where he begins to study Natural Philosophy at the university.

  20. 1. Victors mother dies
    2. Victor goes to a university to study and there he creates life
    3. Victor gets sick
    4. The monster is created
    5. The monster disapeared

  21. 1. The strong bond that he has with his family.
    2. His studies at Ingolstadt.
    3. The death of his beloved mother.
    4. The creation of the monster.
    5. The anxiety that followed after the creation of the monster.

  22. 1. Viktor starts studying at the university of Inglostadt.
    2. His mother dies.
    3 He created a creature.
    4. He returned back home, because of his brothers death.
    5. Justine is guilty for his brothers death and dies even though Viktor knows she’s innocent.

  23. 1. The death in the family (mother, brother, sisterson)
    2. Taking university classes in the nature subjects, because of the obsession with life and death..?
    3. Creating the monster
    4. The realization of that the monster was the one to kill his brother
    5. The engagement

  24. 1. Victor starts studying at the university of ingolstadt.
    2. His mother dies of scarlet fever
    3. He creates the monster.
    4. William, Victors brother is murdered.
    5. Victor believes that the monster murdered William but Justine confesses that she was guilty.

  25. 1. Frankenstein starts reading Cornelius Agrippa, who becomes his inspiration, especially in his university years. The Agrippa books get Victor to start think about if you can make people “invulnerable to any but a violent death!”, immortality. Victor says in chapter two about Agrippa“ It is even possible that the train o my ideas would never received the fatal impulse that led to my ruin.”

    2. Frankensteins mother dies in the scarlet fever, when he is seventeen. He is interested in life and death and if it’s possible to stop death. Thats why this is important. The death of the mother intensify his thoughts and interest. I think that this triggered him to really find out if it’s possible to stop death. Frankenstein really loves his mother and grieve her death, but he gets something to fight for. He will try to find a solution for his mothers sake.

    3. When the monster opens his eyes. This become the result of all Victors work and all his thoughts since he was thirteen. Even though he gets afraid for the creature and runs away, he knows that he succeeded creating a non existing life. I think that truth finally releaves at this moment for him. He have worked so hard and intense that maybe he hasn’t thought the project through and suddenly he understands what he have created.

    4. Victors beloved brother gets murdered and on the way home from Ingolstadt he discovered that his monster is the guilty one, and by that himself. It’s a bit mysterious where the monster went after his awakening and what he has been doing for two years, during Victor was sick. It’s also very mysterious that the monster murder his creators brother just by coincidence. Maybe it’s not a coincidence, maybe it was planed. I mean maybe the monster wanted revenge on Victor because he created the monster and than left him all alone to seek his own destiny. He didn’t take responsibility for his actions, which maked the monster sad and angry.

    Victor hasn’t thought much of his creation and what the monster could be capable to do. When he returned to his appartment after the monsters awaking he got very sick and was sick for about two years. When he finally got healthy again, he found out that his brother was murdered. I think that he didn’t want to think about the monster and tried to forget about him. Victor thinks that the problem is soled because the monster is gone and then suddenly the monster pops up again, which becomes a chock for Victor. I think that the chock could be one of the reasons for not telling or at least it has affect him.

    5. Justine is accused for the murder on William but Frankenstein knows that she is innocent, yet he doesn’t say anything to stop her execution. Why? Because he knows that if he tells the truth, he will be the guilty one and executed, which he doesn’t want to. He feel guilt to the whole family but especially to Justine and Elisabeth, who he loves very much. Maybe he thinks it would cause even more pain for Elisabeth if she heard the truth. That her own brother killed their little brother. Victor belives fully that he will be accused if he tells the truth because he created tho monster so he killed William, not that the monster killed William and just because Victor created him doesn’t mean he is the guilty one. This is also a clarification on that no one including Victor knows anything about the monster. Is he evil or good, maybe not good because he just killed a child, or just misunderstood? Maybe he isn’t a monster?

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